Board Considerations for Project Proposals
This is not an inclusive list but will give the reader an idea of some of the factors that the foundation board will consider when making determinations on whether to fund a proposed project.
  1. Is it a one-time funding or is it for a sustained project that will require funding for additional years?
  2. Is it local or international? The board strives to maintain a good balance between the two.
  3. Is the funding effort a joint effort with other Rotary clubs or organizations?
  4. Are there matching dollars available? Sources would be vendor participation, other Rotary clubs, district or Rotary international grants.
  5. Will it engage the membership? Projects where the members can actively participate and contribute some sweat equity are encouraged.
  6. What sort of impact is it going to have? Will it save lives, improve health, safety or education? How many people will it benefit? Will it raise awareness of Rotary in the community?
  7. Does a member "own" the project that he or she is proposing? Are they personally interested? Will they follow through? How well do they know the principal players? How familiar are they with the financials and other fundamentals? If it is a Rotary project that has been the beneficiary of either district or RI grants there is a certain comfort level in that it has been "vetted" pretty well, especially at the Rotary International level. Even so, for every project the board will need to see the "business plan". What are they proposing to do? How much money do they need? How are those funds going to be spent? What is the anticipated result of their efforts? Etc.
  8. If funding for a project is approved then the "owner" needs to follow through with the board. The board needs to know when the money needs to be there, who the check is made out to, where does it get sent? Etc.