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May 08, 2019
The Dan O Fund/Mental Illness
May 15, 2019
Meeting at and tour of Fire Station #1
May 22, 2019
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May 29, 2019
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What's new this week?

What's new this week!



 SPEAKER: Mark Olsen & Royce McEwen


TOPIC:  The Dan O Fund/Mental Illness


When one thinks about DanO, three main values come to mind – family, friends and helping others. 

The organizers of The DanO Fund are committed to supporting those families in our communities that deal with depression, mental illness and the loss of loved ones due to suicide.

To that end, we have partnered with National Alliance of Mental Illness – Minnesota (NAMI), a statewide grassroots organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults living with mental illness by providing education, support and advocacy to them and their families.



When: Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: LaGrand at GrandStay Apple Valley (7083 153rd Street W.)

Please come celebrate Lance Miller’s year as Club President
and welcome our new Club President for 2019-20, Greg Higgins.

Dinner choices are:
Sirloin Steak –  sirloin steak served medium with twice baked potato, sautéed Green beans, and mandarin orange salad

Salmon – Baked Salmon served on top of sautéed spinach with a lemon creamy dill sauce , twice baked potato, and mandarin orange salad

Chicken Cacciatore– chicken in a creamy red sauce with vegetables served with fettuccine noodles and mandarin orange salad
                                                                                                                                Dinner Choice
Name: ________________________________  Steak  ____        Salmon ____     Chicken _____
Guest: _________________________________ Steak  ____        Salmon ____     Chicken _____
($40 per person will be billed to your club account) RSVP to Gwen by 6/14, 2019


Weekly Raffle Update
For the meeting of May 8, 2019 there are 16 cards and 2 Jokers. The pot stands at $855Ticket donations are: $1 for 1 ticket; $2 for 3 tickets; $5 for 10 tickets; and $10 for 25 tickets. Three lucky winners are chosen each week; the first two tickets drawn win $5, the third winner draws a card from the deck in hopes of pulling an Ace to win a share of the pot.  If a joker is pulled, it will cost the winner a $2 contribution to the pot.  If the Ace of Spades is pulled, the pot is awarded equally to all who have pulled an Ace from the current deck, and the drawing starts over again.  CONGRATULATIONS TASHA WELLS for drawing the Ace of Clubs, STEVE MOORE for drawing the Ace of Diamonds, and JUSTIN BURLESON for drawing the Ace of Hearts.  Each guaranteed 1/4 of the pot!
Speaker Rotation - Who's Up?

Upcoming Speaker




May (Team: Ed Corbett, Kevin Lovegreen, Bill Butler)

5/15/19 - Off Site at Apple Valley Fire House

5/22/19 - Student of the Month


June (Team: Eva Cheney-Hatcher, Sharon LaComb, Robert Brun)




6/26/19 - President's Dinner, - NO MORNING MEETING


July (Team: Jon Rechtzigel, Linda Engelken, Jessica Fields)







August (Team: Kevin Scheel, Lance Miller, Mark Matijasevich, Alan Player)






Please contact Dave Louiselle with your speaker's topic and biographical info.