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Save the date for our upcoming Days for Girls event. We'll be ringing in International Women's Day with an event where we'll make pads (sanitary napkins, whatever you choose to call them) for girls throughout the world. 

Why does this matter?  

study in Ethiopia showed that girls who didn’t use pads were 5.37 times more likely to miss school during their period. Of those who did miss school during their menstruation, 56.05% reported that they did so because of inaccessibility of menstrual hygiene solutions (the remainder cited ‘pain or discomfort,’ ‘lack of proper facilities,’ or ‘embarrassment’ as reasons for missing school during menstruation. The study also found that 21 of its 455 participants (4.6%) dropped out of school due to menstruation and 24.68% of girls in the study knew someone who dropped out due to menstruation.

Tell your friends; tell your family; mark your calendar.