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Jan 17, 2017
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Jan 28, 2017
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Jan 18, 2017
360 Communities' Partners for Success Now In Apple Valley High School
Feb 08, 2017
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What's new this week? 




Speaker: Jeff Mortensen and Lisa Lusk


Topic: 360 Communities Partners for Success Now in Apple Valley High School.


Partners For Success helps students and families overcome barriers to school success. Partners For Success family support workers in schools partner with educators and families to implement effective home-based strategies that increase parental involvement, improve academic performance and connect families to community resources.

Family Support Workers:
  • Partner with school staff to identify students who are not making adequate progress toward graduation
  • Communicate with parents and students to set goals and develop plans to help students be on track to graduate from high school
  • Provide regular communication between teachers and families regarding progress
  • Assist families with basic needs (food, housing, safety, community resources) that may distract families from focusing on their child’s academic achievement
  • Provide ongoing support and follow-up to ensure that families and students implement the recommended strategies successfully
The Cost of Doing Nothing in Secondary Schools
The cost of this program is very low in comparison to the price society pays when children do not graduate from high school. Students who do not graduate are more likely to be involved in criminal activity, to incur higher health care costs, to receive public assistance and, to pay lower taxes as adults. High school dropouts earn $260,000 less over a lifetime than a high school graduate and pay $60,000 less in taxes.




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January 18, 2017 Weekly Raffle Update

For the meeting of January 18, 2017 there are 26 cards and 2 Jokers. The pot stands at $718!

Ticket donations are: $1 for 1 ticket; $2 for 3 tickets; $5 for 10 tickets; and $10 for 25 tickets. Three lucky winners are chosen each week; the first two tickets drawn win $5, the third winner draws a card from the deck in hopes of pulling an Ace to win a share of the pot.  If a joker is pulled, it will cost the winner a $2 contribution to the pot.  If the Ace of Spades is pulled, the pot is awarded equally to all who have pulled an Ace from the current deck, and the drawing starts over again.  Congratulations Terry Merritt for drawing the Ace of Diamonds!  This guarantees him to win at least 1/4 of the pot!

Upcoming Speaker Rotation

The following club members are responsible for arranging meeting speakers on the assigned days.
Please contact Lance Miller with your speaker's topic and biographical info.
1/18/17 - Gwen Aaberg

1/25/17 - Mark Matijasevich

2/1/17 - Kevin Scheel

2/8/17 - AV Rotary Foundation Update

2/15/17 - Scott Ramsdale

2/22/17 - Club Assembly

3/1/17 - Rick Ernste

3/8/17 - Bill Butler

3/15/17 - Craig Fields

3/22/17 - Merv Nordstrom

4/5/17 - Kevin Lovegreen

4/12/17 - Justin Burleson

4/19/17 - Brian Bessler

4/26/17 - Clint Hooppaw

5/3/17 - Tom Lawell

5/10/17 - Terry Merritt

5/17/17 - Greg Miller

5/24/17 - Club Assembly - No speaker

5/31/17 - Joe Sterling