360 Communities President & CEO Visits Apple Valley Rotary

Sal Mondelli (left), President and CEO of 360 Communities, will be handing off his role to Jeff Mortensen (center/right) at the end of 2016.  Both men were guests and speakers at the Apple Valley Rotary meeting this week.  Also shown are Eva Cheney-Hatcher, President, and Rotary member Gwen Aaberg, Administrative Manager for 360 Communities. 

360 Communities posted a news release on its website, which includes the following excerpt:

360 Communities President & CEO Sal Mondelli has announced that he will retire at the end of 2016. The board of directors has approved the promotion of Chief Operating Officer Jeff Mortensen to President & COO, effective immediately, with a transition plan for him to succeed Mondelli as CEO later this year.

“Sal has been instrumental in ensuring 360 Communities’ long-term sustainability and in positioning this incredible community resource for greater impacts in the years ahead,” said Board Chair Samuel Edmunds. “He will leave behind a legacy of open communication, positive leadership, and organizational growth.”