Financial Obligations and Attendance Requirements
Financial Obligations
  • The cost of dues (club, district, and Rotary International) is $250 per year (billed as $62.50 per quarter). The cost of meals is $229.06 per quarter. The cost for your first quarter is prorated. 
  • Statements of dues are emailed quarterly to the address you have on file.  Payment can be made by check or credit card.   
Other Financial Considerations
  • In our annual fundraiser, we have historically raised $45,000-$50,000. We ask that you fundraise at least $600.
  • We hold an auction every year to raise money to provide families with holiday presents. We hope that you will participate by either donating (or finding a donor) for the auction, or bidding in the auction. What you spend is your choice.
  • We ask our members to give annually to The Rotary Foundation. The extent of this gift is your choice.
  • We occasionally have social events, and sometimes these events have a cost. This cost is typically not covered by the club. Your attendance is optional.
  • Our meetings include a variety of fines. You may be fined for showing up late, skipping a meeting and not documenting your make-up, getting trivia questions wrong, or paying a “happy fine” to share news you’re excited about. Members are typically fined $1-$5 per week.
Attendance Requirements
As a member of our club you are asked to attend at least 50 percent of weekly club meetings in a six-month period, although there is no longer a minimum attendance requirement.
Attendance Options
If you’re unable to attend a meeting, you can make-up that meeting by attending a meeting of another Rotary club (local, online, or elsewhere). Use the club finder at to find meeting locations and times. Club activities such as board meetings, service projects, and social events are also allowable make-ups, as are district wide events.